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SFR Action Group

We like to think of these networking pages as the ‘You, Me, Us and We’ Movement. We see that the ‘You’ is ‘Me’ and the ‘Me’ is ‘Us’ and the ‘Us’, which is our local group and community, is the collective ‘We’. Creating alive community which functions more and more from the heart is the intention of our ACTIONS.

Spiritual Social Movement Explained. The Sacred Female Rising spiritual social movement work is about creating networks between people and sharing and inspiring one another. We hope to create the experience that being a part of a community that is chosen from the heart and which supports ones spiritual, emotional and psychological evolution naturally leads to cooperation and assisting others.

It is this assistance that we focus on as part of our service and responsibility to our world. The experience of being more and more responsible for oneself is an empowering place to be. This can lead to social change and the ability to express oneself from broader perspectives thus being the change that we wish to experience in our world.

This action group recognizes this and goes one step further to put into action some of the social changes that we feel are necessary to initiate in our world.

Community Action Works

Living in community is part of our collective experience.

Spread and Support Sisterhood.
Networking and connecting with other spiritual groups of women. The time is now for uniting the light energies and creating more female solidarity and thereby Human Solidarity.

Earth Assist.
Our Earth needs us just as much as we need Her.

Prayer Initiative!
Prayer is very powerful. The direction here is to list the people in our communities that are in need of prayers and then organize special times for synchronized prayer. Then these lists can be brought to the moon meetings in your area to invoke healing prayers together. Also to join other organizations mass synchronized prayer days and to spread the word in your communities.

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