Happy New Year & Many Thanks!

Dearest Sisters & Brothers,

What an incredible year 2012 we had together! Both in our expanding community circle and in our collective communities around our Earth! The Sacred Female Rising works traveled to Frankfurt, England, Berlin, Bremen for the yearly Frauen Kongress and other locations to facilitate ceremonies and circle gatherings. I wish to extend a heart felt thank you to all of the people that attended and assisted in running the works! This thanks is not simply for attending the works here but in even a greater way showing up and supporting the consciousness for all!

With much love and the unified light of all Consciousness                                                   Mira

Here again is the heart & healing song from the Yaqui peoples of Turtle Island.           (please find the ancient Yaqui healing song on the Gallery page)


Autumn Equinox Ceremony – Hamburg Sept 22. 2012

Equinox Ceremony

High Earth Day for Consciousness Acceleration and Inner Balance

Come and celebrate the official change of Season in the Sacred circle!                                                                                                                                                                                                               MiraMichelle & special guest Heloise Pilkington (Priestess of Avalon from Glastonbury, England)


“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy

Equinox Ceremony ~ Saturday, September 22nd – Devah Yoga Center – 77 Bleicherstr. Hamburg. 7 to 10:30pm Self investment: 20.00€

Other Dates:                                                                                                                       Singing & Blessings with the Goddess Energy ~ Thursday, September 20ith ~              Location to be Announced (15€)

Sacred Womb Dance ~ Friday, September 21st                                                         Location to be Announced (20€)

Individual Healing Sessions with Heloise available on: Fri 21st, Sat 22nd, Mon 24th & Tues 25th

For further information please go to the TREATMENT page and click on PROJECT.


Sacred Female Rising Workshop – Frankfurt June 2nd 2012

The workshop will be held by Mira Michelle, a North American Shaman/Priestess. The workshop’s aim is to bring women into their natural strength, power and beauty. MiraMichelle’s ultimate purpose during the workshop, as she skillfully weaves the energetic threads of consciousness, is to help reinforce the solidarity and the sisterhood amongst women of all ages.

Mira is also a big advocate of connecting women. The SFR network actively supports this aim. She is also a part of the network group – Frauen Kongress Deustchland (www.frauen-kongress.de) and is connected to women’s groups in other German cities, Denmark, Holland, England and in American. Her motto is: Let’s bring the circles together.

Contents of the seminar:

Part 1: Women’s Role from the Stone Age ´til Now                                                       The latest anthropological findings show, that women could only give birth once every 4 years and that they held a much more important social position than has previously been understood. MiraMichelle presents these and other interesting scientific results which are specifically relevant for women at this time.

Part 2: The seven Archetypes of the Female                                                                  What characteristics depict the seven archetypes and which of these are present in me? What causes me to leave my centre? How can I use the knowledge of the archetypes in daily life to quickly regain my centre and my power? These facilities will be explored, reinfored and artfully applied throughout the day.

Part 3: Traditional Ceremony                                                                                            MiraMichelle combines the ancient art of ceremony with contemporary quantum technologies to assist in the reconnection of feminine power to all women present. This ceremonies further purpose come to a deeper connection with mother earth, oneself and to all of humanity.

Investment: 90 Euro incl. lunch. To register email miramich@gmx.de or Sara Steden 061 517 89 4650 or Mob: 0163 285 0872 sara.steden@gmx.de.

The workshop will be held in English/ translations available. The participants receive detailed seminar documents. During the course fruits and snacks will be served.