Happy New Year 2015!!


Hello Sisters, Welcome to the Sacred Female Rising website!

Here stands a fresh New Year before us! What a great mystery that is awaiting to unfold. So with an adventurous and willing spirit SFR embraces this new year and all of you. We thank you not only for your participation but even more so for your growth and truth which radiates into our world!

Bright Blessings for The New Year!!!

I invite you to visit the Media Page (under SFR Action) to watch the interview with Jo Conrad at Bewusst t.v. (Conscious T.V.). It was a pleasure to converse with Jo about personal and collective healing, our earth and the feminine and masculine principals. Enjoy!



Full Moon in Virgo 5.3.15

March is an Incredible month of Empowerment!

mime-attachment-25Full Moon gathering with spirit talk, heart connection with your sisters, earth ceremony  & preparation tips for the 16.3 & 20.3.15!

The month of March and April 2015 is a very important turning point. There are such lovely yet powerful astrological configurations coming together symbolizing dramatic transformation, liberation and manifestation. Are you ready?  There is the ‘seventh’ aspect of Uranus Square Pluto (16.3.15) and Jupiter ‘Trine’ Uranus in addition to Saturn ‘Square’ Neptune — these transits/aspects combine with the Eclipses to signify beginnings and endings in a major way. We have never before experienced these types of energy configurations and so this will be an interesting time for many. Dipali at:https://celestialspace.wordpress.com

Watch this 9min video about the astrological aspects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOCzc2ZFmes

This Full moon leads us to the ‘Pisces Super New Moon Solar Eclipse’ on the ‘EQUINOX’ – 20.3.15!!! http://earthsky.org/tonight/supermoon-to-stage-total-eclipse-of-the-sun-on-march-20

March. 5. 2015: Location: Hamburg: Devah Yoga Center: Earth room: 7pm: 77 Bleicherstr. Please Bring: Food to share & an open heart & mind. Energy Exchange: 20€


Pisces Super New Moon Solar Eclipse & Equinox 20.3.2015!

FotoscorpiomoonFoto copy

   One of the Biggest Astrological/Energetic Days of 2015!

March 20: The New Moon is Friday March 20 at 3:37AM (MDT). There is a total solar eclipse at the same time visible in the Far East. The Spring Equinox is also on March 20, at 4:45PM(MDT). This is obviously a very powerful time and should be noted in your calendars so you can plan to honor it in some way. The equinox is always a time of restart, renewal and setting up a good container for how you wish to show up. When you have a new moon at the same time, there is even a more powerful opportunity to anchor something new. When there is an eclipse, it intensifies everything. So be careful what you ask for and how you ask for it. Make sure you are not unconsciously asking for something you don’t really want. Lena Stevens http://thepowerpath.com

About Eclipse: http://earthsky.org/tonight/supermoon-to-stage-total-eclipse-of-the-sun-on-march-20

9min video about March Astrological Aspects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOCzc2ZFmes

Super ‘Black’ New Moon in Aquarius 18.2.15

 Super Black New Moon in Aquarius 18.2.15


*Celebrate what is and what you have made to be!

*Spend some time in the Dream time and expand your vision.

*Dance with the mysterious Black moon and come alive with creativity!

*Celebrate and enhance the Age of Aquarius! (2nd month in a row!!!)

February 18: New Moon is Wednesday, February 18 at 4:47 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This New Moon is a time to celebrate any and all improvements no matter how small or large in your life. This is a good moon to dream bigger and to acknowledge some of the area that you wish to improve instead of working on what needs improvement. Spend some time dreaming your desires and expanding your sense of what is possible. http://thepowerpath.com

On February 18, 2015, the moon is both new (between the Earth and sun) and closest to Earth for the month, which qualifies it as a Supermoon. It’s also a seasonal Black Moon; that is, it’s the third of four new moons in the current season (December solstice to March equinox). Don’t expect to see anything special – a new moon supermoon is only out during the daytime hours, hidden in the sun’s glare. http://earthsky.org

Feb. 18. 2015: Location: Hamburg: Devah Yoga Center: Earth room: 7pm: 77 Bleicherstr. Please Bring: Food to share & an item that symbolizes your purpose or gifts/talents/integrity etc.

MiraMichelle //For more information: www.sacredfemalerising.com

Super New Moon in Aquarius 20.1.15

photo 1-5               Powerful New Moon to Honor What Is New In Your Life!

Intention of Ceremonial Work:                                                                                          Activation Ceremony for what wants to be supported in your life!                                          Enjoyment and nurturing of the Self!                                                                                     Raising the collect vibration for Peace! Honoring the Age of Aquarius!

SONG: ‘This is dawning of the Age of Aquarius – The Age of Aquarius! Harmony and understanding. Sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derisions. Golden living dreams of visions. Mystic crystal revelation and the minds true liberation. Aquarius, Aquarius!!!!

January 20: New Moon is Tuesday, January 20 at 6:14 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) An important day for some kind of activation ceremony, ritual or special focus on something new that you are creating in your life. If you have a project or a new relationship or personal practice that is important to you, spend some extra time and energy honoring it and “feeding” it with creative energy as well as an upgraded commitment to do what it takes. Lena Stevens http://thepowerpath.com/monthly-forecast/january-2015-monthly-forecast/

Jan. 20. 2015: Location: Hamburg: Devah Yoga Center: Earth room: 7pm: 77 Bleicherstr. Investment: 20€. Please Bring: Food to share & an item that symbolizes AIR.

MiraMichelle //For more information: www.sacredfemalerising.com

Medicine Woman Training Talk 2015

Medicine Woman Training Vortrag Hamburg 18.01.15 & Hannover 15.02.15

*What is a Medicine Woman?                                                                                               *Are you ready to meet & Activate the Medicine Woman in You?

   _MG_9617a                                                            We investigate these two basic questions and….

-Talking Circle                                                                                                                       -Information about the 2015 Training                                                                                    -Question & answer round                                                                                                    -MWT 2013 & 2015 Slide shows                                                                                          -Meet some of the sisters from MWT 2013 & 2014

-MWT 2015 Dates:                                                                                                               June 17-21, July 18, Sept 5 & Oct 7 -11th. All other info. provided at Talk.

Where: 18.1.15. HH: Devah Yoga Center Earth Room: 77 Bleicherstr. / Time: 6 – 8pm Where: 15.2.15: Hannover: Praxis Amelie von Blanckenburg. Große Pfahlstr. 2A. 6.30 – 8.30pm. Cost: 15€/ Please bring notepad & pen Anmeldung: email Gisela at: info@sacredfemalerising.com.

As a woman moves towards true emancipation her path will, at some point, lead her to the old wise woman of all the medicines. mm

Mandala for The Divine Feminine

A beautiful Mandala gifted through me from our sister Elora for Sacred Female Rising, all women and for the spirit of the Sacred Feminine itself! Meditate on this Mandala and see what gift comes your way! *To those that have taken part in the SFR Workshop and other similar works… meditate with the mandala and the energy of the Future Woman!

2014-08-Elektra   08 07.28.56 2

Mandala by Elora


To see more incredible Mandalas from our sister Elora go to: www.elora-mandala.de

New Moon in Sagittarius 22.11.14

Foto copy                                                     Ceremony of Fire                                                                                               Reviewing of Internal Passion. To What & Where are you giving your fire? Join the circle to be surrounded by fire & the warm hearted presence of your sisters and of the soul’s vibration! Evening includes; heart meditation, singing, affirmation, touch & beingness.

November 22: New Moon is Saturday, This is a reset. The time can be confusing and you may not have a great grip on what your reality is. Take some time this day to go back to basics and review the last few weeks. What is working, what is not working, what did you intend to do but have not done yet, what feels incomplete or completely disorganized, what are you afraid of, what needs to end and what do you want to begin. Honor this new moon with a focus on self and your own personal growth. by Lena Stevens

Location: New Moon: Devah Yoga Center: Earth room: 7pm: 77 Bleicherstr. Please Bring: Food to share & an item which symbolizes your passion.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Oct 23rd 2014.

Ceremony of Light & Resetting ones own individual potential!


Festival of ‘Diwali’ starts on this day: New Moon Oct 23rd.                                                    This Festival brings with it tremendous blessings and gifts of prosperity and rich potential for the New year ahead. Diwali means a row of lamps or lights” it signifies dispelling ignorance and an illuminating of Consciousness. This Festival reminds each to shed ignorance of the fear-based mentality and bringing light (awareness) to every corner within and in life.  It is also allowing the light to illuminate the heart, to help expand love and bringing each closer to union with one’s own Divine Essence, Soul. (Dipali)

The theme of this rich potent New Moon and Solar Eclipse will bring the super-charged energy of new beginnings combined with the theme of intense magnetic energy around love relationships or romance and empowering partnerships. The New moon represents, the Sun and Moon will both be working in a “team-like” connection in the water sign of Scorpio. There is a lot of creative energy waiting to be felt and directed like a laser beam into positive constructive outlets.  It is a matter of feeling and not thinking. http://celestialspace.wordpress.com/2014/10/15/overview-new-moonsolar-eclipse-in-scorpio-october-23rd-2014/  by Dipali

Location: New Moon: Devah Yoga Center:Earth room: 7pm: 77 Bleicherstr. Please Bring: Food to share & a candle to light!