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Jo Conrad at Bewusst t.v. (Conscious T.V.) and myself did this interview earlier this year.! In both English and German – it was a pleasure to converse with Jo with such themes as personal and collective healing, our earth and the feminine and masculine principals. Enjoy!

Bewusst T.V. has many great interviews with a wealth of interesting and enriching persons. Check out more here:



New Moon in Sagittarius 22.11.14

Foto copy                                                     Ceremony of Fire                                                                                               Reviewing of Internal Passion. To What & Where are you giving your fire? Join the circle to be surrounded by fire & the warm hearted presence of your sisters and of the soul’s vibration! Evening includes; heart meditation, singing, affirmation, touch & beingness.

November 22: New Moon is Saturday, This is a reset. The time can be confusing and you may not have a great grip on what your reality is. Take some time this day to go back to basics and review the last few weeks. What is working, what is not working, what did you intend to do but have not done yet, what feels incomplete or completely disorganized, what are you afraid of, what needs to end and what do you want to begin. Honor this new moon with a focus on self and your own personal growth. by Lena Stevens

Location: New Moon: Devah Yoga Center: Earth room: 7pm: 77 Bleicherstr. Please Bring: Food to share & an item which symbolizes your passion.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Oct 23rd 2014.

Ceremony of Light & Resetting ones own individual potential!


Festival of ‘Diwali’ starts on this day: New Moon Oct 23rd.                                                    This Festival brings with it tremendous blessings and gifts of prosperity and rich potential for the New year ahead. Diwali means a row of lamps or lights” it signifies dispelling ignorance and an illuminating of Consciousness. This Festival reminds each to shed ignorance of the fear-based mentality and bringing light (awareness) to every corner within and in life.  It is also allowing the light to illuminate the heart, to help expand love and bringing each closer to union with one’s own Divine Essence, Soul. (Dipali)

The theme of this rich potent New Moon and Solar Eclipse will bring the super-charged energy of new beginnings combined with the theme of intense magnetic energy around love relationships or romance and empowering partnerships. The New moon represents, the Sun and Moon will both be working in a “team-like” connection in the water sign of Scorpio. There is a lot of creative energy waiting to be felt and directed like a laser beam into positive constructive outlets.  It is a matter of feeling and not thinking. http://celestialspace.wordpress.com/2014/10/15/overview-new-moonsolar-eclipse-in-scorpio-october-23rd-2014/  by Dipali

Location: New Moon: Devah Yoga Center:Earth room: 7pm: 77 Bleicherstr. Please Bring: Food to share & a candle to light!

Full Moon Oct 8th Full Eclipse

Dearest Sisters,

Unfortunately, there is NO Full Moon Ceremony this evening. I apologize for the wrong post here – it has been corrected!! The next moon is on the New Moon Eclipse in two weeks on Oct 23rd.

Tonight the moon is very powerful – I encourage you all to create your own ceremonies and use this amazing energy to honor your lives and give thanks for all!

love and light miramichelle

Autumn Equinox Ceremony 21.9.2014

Equinox Ceremony: Flowing with the shift of season & Celebrating the Expanded Self! with MIRAMICHELLE

DSC05105 2

Ancient Redwood Forest, California

The Autumn Equinox is the Official Shift of the season from Summer into Autumn. We come together to empower our spirits and to prepare for the dark months ahead!

Please bring: Harvest Earth offering, an item symbolic of change & food to share.

Location: Devah Yoga Center: Oben: 77 Bleicherstr. 7pm(19.00) (no registration required)

Global Meditation For Peace 8.8.14!

A global Meditation For Peace 8.8.14Europe Time 18.00Uhr


Sacred Female Rising invites you to join us in the Worldwide Meditation on 8. August 2014. In Harz and in Hamburg. Mission: To come together to join the resonance for peace!

Hamburg: 8.8.14/17:30Uhr. Ab 17.30 Ankommen – um 18h startet die Meditation. Ort: Neuer Pferdemarkt, beim Grünen Jäger, auf der offenen Grünfläche.. Bitte bring etwas zum drauf sitzen mit!!  Meditation: Christine Sandesh from vivalavidayoga. (For more about Christine please go to the about us page!)

Harz: 8.8.14/17:30Uhr.  Ab 17.30 Ankommen – um 18h startet die Meditation. Ort: Bad Gandersheim, “Wiese beim Eiscafé da Mucilli, Hildesheimer Straße 1b, Bad Gandersheim. Meditation by; MiraMichelle, Silvia Ehrhardt and Govinda.

The Meditation Includes: Feeling = being present,  Breath = being grounded, Direct = asking for peace in the self and the world, Thanking = for a greater peace to prevail!

We invite you to go to the website above and sign in! This Global Meditation is working with the Guiness book of World records to show just how many people are showing up for this world wide event!!

New Moon in Gemini – 28.5.2014

Into the dreamy world of our Hearts!


Photo by Anne Oschatz

 Taking the journey of the heart is easy – we must only begin… again and again and again until it becomes so much a part of our waking dream that we need dream it no longer.

May 28: New Moon is Wednesday, May 28 at 12:43 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) This is one of those days that experiencing the void may be possible depending on where you are in your integration and assimilation process. How this New Moon is for you will also depend on what big changes or energy downloads you happen to be processing. This is a day for quiet contemplation and taking a break from anything that is too demanding, energetic or stressful. A focus on beauty is always helpful and appreciating everything you have with gratitude is always a good practice. Lena Stevens

Please Bring: Food to share and a favorite quote or poem.

Where: Devah Earth 77 Bleicherstr. 19.00-22.00Uhr. Self & Creative Investment=20€.  For more information pls. Go to:www.sacredfemalerising.com


Fullmoon in Scorpio – 14.05.2014 -

Water – Earth – Emotion – Manifest = Beauty!


We invite you to beauty! To explore inner and outer beauty – the expression of the Woman’s Temple reborn in all of us!

Please Bring: A beautiful fabric or cloth, a musical instrument or your favorite song on CD, loving food to share and dress in what feels beautiful for you!

Where: Devah Earth 77 Bleicherstr. 19.00-22.00Uhr. Self & Creative Investment=20€

New Moon in Taurus – 29 April 2014

Ceremony of Abundance, Evolution and Gratitude!


- Questions: What brings you a feeling of personal fulfillment and abundance? How do you live this? What does money mean to you in your world?                                                         - We investigate the themes of having-ness, abundance and gratitude.                                - We will work to expand our consciousness of what personal success means to us and how to live it in today’s world!

Please Bring: A Symbol of Abundance for you, a monetary note; 5, 10, 20 or 50! (The money will be used during the ceremony and you will receive it back), food to share!

Where: Devah Earth, Bleicherstr. 77, When: 7 – 10 pm, Self & Creative Investment: 20€


New Moon in Aries – March 30 & 31.2014 -

Cleansing and Radiating Forward with Fire!


Clarity with your present direction in life!                                                                   Question: Where are you coming from and what are you moving towards?

Patience and Endurance and Courage towards your life truth!

Ort: Heilort am Fluss . Fischerstraßer 13. 30167 Hannover. 30.3.14// 6 – 9pm// Register: Valeska Jokobwicz/ info@valeska-jakobowicz.de/0174 2685339

Ort: SFR ‘The Space’ . Budapesterstr. 51. 20359 Hamburg. 31.3.14// 7 – 10pm// No registration required.