The Sacred in the Feminine Rises!


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Hot off the presses….. a new interview with Jo Conrad at Bewusst t.v.. In the interview we discuss a wide range of topics from Consciousness, healing and worldly events. Enjoy!

New Interview with Jo Conrad at Bewusst t.v.

with love MiraMichelle

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo 21.8.17


Over the borders of Concepts into the Magical Realms of Life Freedom!

Ceremony consists of activating your deepest Trust & Bringing Forth Deep Inner Power!
Hannover: 21.08.17: 6 to 9pm. Eisfabrik Seilerstr. 15F, 30171. Energy Exchange: 35€
: Please register w/ Mira at A new moon is the ideal time for fresh starts. A solar eclipse makes setting new goals more important because their influence lasts for six months. This is an excellent solar eclipse to change destructive or outdated behaviors such as prejudices and addictions. Solar eclipse August 2017 will energize you to complete your goals and set ambitious new personal and professional goals. WOMEN ONLY!! Bring Food & your STAR SEED

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 7.8.17 & New Moon Solar Eclipse 21.8.17


The Choice to End One Cycle and To Set a Direct Intention To Begin a NEW Cycle in Your Life! The Moon opposes Sun exactly at 18:10UT, causing a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. As the Moon not only opposes Sun, but also Mars, the energies of this eclipse are very unstable and we are on the edge. This Lunar Eclipse will WAKE up our Magical Powers! The day of an Eclipse, the energies are very strong, yet not easily manageable. BE Conscious when deciding if you want to cast any spell. If so, wish manifestation is very strong. Also, August’s Full Moon is very potent in connecting us to the realm of the Faeries and Elves. Be extra cautious if you are going to do such thing under the eclipse’s power. // BOTH MEN & WOMEN WELCOME!!

Harz: 07.08.17: 6 to 9pm: Location: Mühlenweg 12. Gehrenrode. Ceremony on Medicine Wheel. Energy Exchange: 35€. Anmeldung: / Arrivals after 5pm please. J Bring: Food & Photo of U!

Prayer of The Mother’s March – 16.6.17


Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017/ 20Uhr/ Passionkirche Konzert mit Yael Decklebaum                                                                                                                       Freitag, 16 Juni 2017/ 17Uhr/ Neptunbrunnen am Alex Wo/men’s Peace March mit Yael Decklebaum

Ab 18.30 Uhr am Brandenburger Tor gemeninsame Friedenszeremonie und Feier mit Yael und Friedenspionier_innen wie dir: Trage etwas Weißes als Verbindendes. Gruppen und Vereine zeigen sich mit ihren T-Shirts/Logos.

Prayer of the Mother’s

Keep walking … praying and singing for peace from all directions of the wind!

Wir gehen weiter… singen und beten für den Frieden aus allen Himmelsrichtungen!

Der Friedensmarsch von 30,000 Palästinensischen und Iraelischen Frauen im Oktober 2016 im geteilten Land berührte weltweit die Herzen von Millionen Menschen.

Wir freuen uns über Eure Unterstützung “Prayer of the Mothers” – Clans des Friedens e.V. IBAN:DE63100100100915017102 . BIC: PBNKDEFF

New Moon in Gemini 25.05.17


Ceremony to Support, Lighten & Anchor your Path!

*Crystal Healing Medicine of Light

*Planting new seeds and receiving Grace!

*Sister Circle – Being the Sacred Witness

May 25: New Moon is Thursday, May 25 at 1:44 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). You can experience this new moon either from a place of despair and suffering over loss, confusion or chaos in your life, or you can be in deep gratitude for the experiences that you have had and the lessons learned. The impermanence of life should be honored and the nostalgia of times past celebrated.

This could be an emotional moon with a sense of wanting some space to be alone. However, community is important as well and it is advised that you get support to be in a space of beauty, love and wonder instead of dark despair. Even though a new moon is a time for going within and resetting priorities and intentions, this moon does have an element of reaching out for community support. by Lena Stevens

May 25th. 2017: 6 – 9pm Location: Yoga Anubhava. Röselerstr. 1A 30159 Hannover

Please Bring: Food to share. An item that symbolizes your air and an anchor of light! Bring your own favorite crystal for a special charging work!

Self Investment: 30€ Anmeldung: Valeska Jakobowicz/

World Consciousness & Healing Ceremony Video!

Hello Human Family… we did it! Something is growing under, through, around and above us…. it is a rising of consciousness and nothing can or will stop this pure movement of knowledge embodied within the rising individual!! We are that!

Here is a video that demonstrates just that! 56 people came together to create a shift from their hearts. They came with a good and clear intention and that was to allow and to be present for the benefit of all humanity! Ahey!


World Consciousness – Healing & Peace Ceremony! BERLIN 05.02.17!


Sending our deepest prayers into the Collective Consciousness for the healing of our wounded Human family. For The Upliftment of Us All!

MiraMichelle will run the 10,000 year old traditional Native American – ‚Wiping Away the Tears Ceremony’! Join your sisters & brothers of conscience – to actively remember AND Enact together ‚How the human family can come together to make a STAND for ALL OF HUMANITY!’

Feb 5th. 2016: 3pm /15.00uhr) Location: BERLIN – BREITSCHEIDPLATZ. Meet by the Weltkugelbrunnen! Honored to be in cooperation with Berlin based peace movement/organization ‘Puls des Friedens’!!

Please Bring: A peace offering from your heart for all of Humanity! Eg: Flowers, stones etc… Donations appreciated for organization & travel costs!

Contact: Rafaela Rarisch/   0178 408 4666 / // Larissa Deuter/ 0163 7393 093 / // Or email to register for an event or private session and one of the Team members will get back to you!

The Rising Art of Womanhood Workshop – 04.02.17 – Berlin


Ancient Myths to Modern Truths to Future Values

A workshop for women that investigates the female powers of Value, Perspective and Intuition.

Workshop Contents Include: We review recent Anthropological findings that are specifically relevant to the empowerment of women through the reinterpretation of their living ‘Herstory’. We investigate Seven Archetypes that female kind is intrinsically connected, and ask how modern women can utilize the knowledge of these archetypes to enhance and enrich their daily lives.

Through circle sharing, dancing, self-healing techniques, drum journies, womb medicine and simply being in the moment together – Mira weaves the web of self-knowledge and self-love.

This workshop’s aim is to bring women into a greater awareness and therefore, resonance with their authentic Strength, Confidence and Joy.

Traditional Ceremony: MiraMichelle combines the ancient art of ceremony with contemporary quantum technologies to assist in the reconnection of women to their authentic feminine power. The further purpose of this ceremony is to heighten our connection to mother earth.

Inhalte des Workshops: Vorstellung neuer anthropologischer Erkenntnisse die besonders relevant für das „Empowerment“ von Frauen sind, da sie eine Neuinterpretation ihrer Herkunft „Herstory“ bedeuten. Wir erforschen die sieben Archetypen mit denen Frauen eigentlich verbunden sind, und fragen danach wie moderne Frauen das Wissen dieser Archetypen nutzen können, um ihren Alltag zu verbessern und zu bereichern. Durch Circle-Sharing, Tanz, Selbstheilung-Techniken, Trommelreisen, Gebärmutter-Medizin und Zusammen-Sein im Moment, Mira webt ein Netz voller Selbstliebe und das tiefe Wissen um uns selbst.

Dieser Workshop hat zum Ziel, Frauen zu einer höheren Bewusstheit und damit Resonanz mit ihrer authentischen Stärke, Selbstvertrauen und Freude zu bringen.

Traditionelle Zeremonie: MiraMichelle verbindet die uralte Kunst der Zeremonie mit zeitgenössischen Quantum-Techniken um die Rückverbindung von Frauen mit ihrer authentischen weiblichen Kraft zu unterstützen. Außerdem wird die Zeremonie unsere Verbindung zu Mutter Erde nähren und verstärken.

The Rising Art of Womanhood. 04.02.17 10Uhr – 20.00Uhr.                                                 To register for this event please email and one of the team members will return your email.

Contact: Rafaela Rarisch/   0178 408 4666                                    Energy Exchange: 110€ Includes lunch.

Location: Wu Jia – Zentrum für kulturelle Bildung und chinesische Kampfkünste. Potsdamer Chaussee 87. 14129 Berlin-Nikolassee. In English with German Translation.