Happy New Year 2016!


Hello Dearest Sisters,                                                                                                            We at SFR thank you for your growth and truth which radiates into our world! Creating or receiving a conscious opportunity for growth is a great blessing. What may look small to begin with is often times something very profound. This is one of our intentions as SFR. To co-create with you as many opportunities for growth in a conscious and loving environment as possible. Let’s do it! Let’s create this new year with great opportunities for raising our own and the collective vibration, for personal truth to enfold, deep realizations of heart and an overall peace filled vibration. Ahey!


Bright Blessings!                                                                                                                I invite you to visit the Media Page (under SFR Action) to watch the interview with Jo Conrad at Bewusst t.v. (Conscious T.V.). It was a pleasure to converse with Jo about personal and collective healing, our earth and the feminine and masculine principals. Enjoy! http://www.sacredfemalerising.com/en/network/media/

Full Moon in Virgo 21.2.16

Earth & Fire Ceremony of Empowerment & Completion!


Ceremony Includes; Talking Circle, Singing & Authentic Dance, Releasing suppressed anger & transforming it into life empowerment & Ceremony of Earth Blessings for Completion

The February 22 full moon at 03°33′ Virgo lies at the midpoint of Uranus square Pluto. This midpoint axis represents radical and extreme change that forces rapid adaption. With the Sun and Moon at either end of this axis, a total overhaul is required which will include your ego and emotions, your lifestyle and your habits, work and home etc. This is the final full moon of an eclipse phase which began in September 2015. Outstanding issues need to be put to bed so you can start a new journey with the lest amount of emotional baggage. Putting off things can lead to an escalation in conditions to a point of crisis as the March 8 solar eclipse approaches. The major theme resulting from the combined effects of the September 2015 solar eclipse and lunar eclipse is the healing of a broken heart. It may be a love relationship, friendship or parent-child relationship that was the source of your inner pain. Whether it be a separation or a continuing unhealthy relationship, the expectations and treatment of women will be central to the problems.

Uranus square Pluto has been grinding away over the last 5 years and the February 2016 full moon forces one final evolutionary leap to complete the whole process. The theme of completion fits so well with the final moon phase of an eclipse cycle. http://astrologyking.com/full-moon-february-2016/                                                               “On 23rd February a new eclipse season begins, so a willingness to pat ourselves on the back for previous efforts made and let go any regrets in the light of this Full Moon, will clear the slate ready for the next six month cycle of progressive potential. Sarah Varcas

Hannover: Yoga Abubhava. Röselerstr. 1A. 30159 Hannover City.   20.2.2016/7 – 10pm: Investment: 25€


Medicine Woman 2015/2016 – The Circle Unites! 20.02.16


Tools, Skills & Acknowledging The Medicine Woman Within!

A new work emerges from the depths of wisdom from the Mother. She comes with new instructions for this Medicine circle and for all women. The intention of this circle is to reconnect to the source, your sisters and to transform.

_MG_8301a_MG_8286aDSC06110DSC05693_MG_0978aHannover: Yoga Anubhava: Röselerstr. 1A.30159  20.2.2016/10am to 8pm: Personal Investment: 100€

Time: 10am – 8pm. Anmeldung Mira at info@sacredfemalerising.com                               Please Bring: Personal altars, drums, rattles, MW Folders, courage & dreams.

Come daughters, come to my heart – to my wheel of life – where all medicine lives, grows and informs. mm

Medicine Woman Training Vortrag 21.02.2016

*What is a Medicine Woman? Are you ready to meet & activate the knowledge & power of the Medicine Woman inside of You?

We investigate the above two basic questions and the following….

-Talking Circle                                                                                                                          -Information about the 2016 Training                                                                                       -Question & Answer round                                                                                                       -MWT 2014 & 2015 Slide shows                                                                                              -Meet some of the sisters from past MW Trainings

DSC05734 _MG_9595a _MG_9605a

-MWT April 27th to May 1st/Harz, Germany. May 21 & 22nd. Hannover. June 16th to 19th Harz.                                                                                                                             Hannover City: Devah Yoga Anubhava: Röselerstr. 1a/ 30159 Time: 4 – 6pm. Cost: 15€/ Please bring notepad & pen. Anmeldung: Gisela at: info@sacredfemalerising.com.


As a woman moves towards true emancipation her path will, at some point, lead her to the old wise woman of all the medicines. mm

Full Moon in LEO 24.1.16

mime-attachment-25 copy 2Manifesting Moon–Making it Solid

Ceremony of putting dreams into Action! Celebrating Self & Going for your life! The Focus of this ceremony is to co-create with spirit consciousness the energetic way – thusly, laying the blueprint for the material to be born in our lives. 

January 23: Full Moon is Saturday, January 23 at 6:46PM Mountain Time (MST). This is a moon that supports personal expression and an experience of personal power. Acknowledge what you have accomplished this month in terms of RESET and own your talents, unique capabilities and personal power. Celebrate yourself!

This is a good day to be in community and to inspire each other with new ideas and possibilities. It is also a good moon to anchor new partnerships and commit to new relationships, projects, travel and something you have always wanted to do but never thought you could. What you put into motion during this moon will have a great engine of energetic and higher centered fuel behind it for manifesting in the future. Lena Stevens

Jan 24. 1. 2016: 8pm Location: Hamburg: Devah Yoga Center. Neuer Kamp 25.

Please Bring: Food to share & an item that symbolizes your FIRE! Self Investment: 20€

Ceremony with MiraMichelle… ‘The Moon calls to our bodies, minds and spirits! Will we answer is up to our own inner calling’. mmMIraimharzweb copy

New Moon in Capricorn 10.1.15

DSC_0378New Moon in Capricorn with Paula Redhead

Dearest moon sisters, My service for this new moon is to offer guidance into the sacred art of spirit journeying. A spirit journey is one of the most beautiful, powerfull, sacred gifts offered to humanity. It can bring new depth, joy, clarity and hope to life. It opens doorways to other realities and other worlds. These other worlds are sources of energy, creativity, passion and love that power the everyday world we know. Finding our way there can be a blessing bringing wisdom and self empowerment in a positive healing way. The Capricorn moon is an ideal opportunity for opening these new doorways, its call may help us explore inner worlds connecting us with spirit guides who lovingly assist us on our path. By experiencing spirit journey we gain access to a very special state of consciousness which can help our intuitive development and self healing process.We may learn what is personally necessary for us individually to help lay the appropriate foundations for manifesting our goals and intentions for the year ahead.

May your travels be sweet! Bright blessing on your path. _MG_8755aPaula

January. 10.2016: 7pm Location: Atelier Souterain, Mottenburger 3 in 22765 Altona. Please Bring: Please bring a blanket to lay on, pen and paper/journal for writing. Self Investment: 20€

New Moon in Sagittarius & Celebration 11.12.15 !!!

Fire the Heart Ceremony!  DSC03531.JPG copy                                               A New Moon Ceremony to prepare the ‘Heart to Open’ into the Sacred Source that leads to ones inner Holy place – to be Fully Illuminated on the Full Moon 25.12.15  &  SFR Christmas Season Celebration!

A Celebration to Honor all of the spirit work that has been accomplished throughout the year 2015! To further celebrate our health & wellness, joy and togetherness!

Offered: Transformational Ceremonial experience, sisterhood circle – sharing your truth. Christmas season food & drinks are provided. Bring a small wrapped gift for the ‘Give Away Table’.

December 11: New Moon: This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to reset, to pray, to set intentions and to be involved in community in a way that is meaningful. It is important to look ahead instead of looking back. This new moon also supports a creative container for personal expression. There is a desire to be heard, not in an ego way but in an authentic yearning to be your unique contribution in this life. If you allow it, your personal medicine has the potential to be seen by others and nurtured by spirit. Set an intention and say some prayers today for that to manifest. Lena Stevens

MIraimharzweb copyCeremony with MiraMichelle.

Dec. 11. 2015: 7.45pm Location: Hamburg: Devah Yoga Center. Neuer Kamp 25.

Please Bring: Food to share & an item that symbolizes your heart! Self Investment: 25€

Healing Circle of the Heart 23.10.15


Übernachtungen in der Nähe: Gehrenrode:                                                                      Ingrid: Tel. 05183 56 32                                                                                                        Siggy: Tel. 05183 94 66 26                                                                                                   Margarete Seilen: www.fewo24.de                                                                                       Email: Margarete.Seiler@gmx.de                                                                                     Tel. 05183 3094970 //Handy Tel. 0151 58 138 238

Location Address: Mühlenweg 12, 37981 Gehrenrode//05183 50 1849

Maori Healing Aotearoa 23 – 27, October. 2015


Dear Ones, I feel honored and privileged to offer this work to our spirit family here in Germany! The Maori Healers work with a deep knowledge and natural connection to the vibrational wisdom of Mother Earth. The Maori Healers will hold sessions on the land from October 24th to October 27th 2015.

For possible timings and registration please feel free to email me at miramich@gmx.de.

For more information see above or visit their website at:www.maorihealingaotearoa.com

Yahete, miramichelle

Location Address:

Mühlenweg 12, 37981 Gehrenrode / 05183 50 1849

Over night/ Übernachtungen in der Nähe:


Ingrid: Tel. 05183 56 32

Siggy: Tel. 05183 94 66 26

Margarete Seilen: www.fewo24.de Email: Margarete.Seiler@gmx.de /Tel. 05183 309 49 70/ Handy Tel. 0151 58 138 238


Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Equinox Transition 27 & 28.9.15


Ceremony of Courage, Partnership & Illumination

Find our true courage in all situations                                                                                    Honoring & empowering partnerships                                                                                  Holding the container for individual Illumination

A Lunar Eclipse is super menstrual, wolf-howler for everyone. It will do a great job of purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher selves. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues within our primary relationships that have been festering there since the previous New Moon in Aries back in April 2015.  Depending on how things have gone in the last 6 months, we can now see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted six months ago. http://darkstarastrology.com/

September 27/28: The Full Moon with a lunar eclipse is Sunday September 27/28. Yes, this is the beginning of the final act. But since this play is improvisational, where you are ending up today is entirely up to you and your level of trust and faith. Either you will be launched to a new experience of life and opportunity or you will question everything. Either way is good. The play is not over yet. Lena Stevens http://thepowerpath.com/the-power-path/

Sept. 27. 2015: 7.30pm Location: Hannover: Work of Art, Lister Meile 33, (Hinterhof) 30161.                                                                                                                                  Sept 28. 2015: 7pm Location: Hamburg: Devah Yoga Center, Bleicherstr. 77

Please Bring: Food to share & an item that symbolizes self illumination! Self Investment: 30€