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Hello Sisters, Welcome to the Sacred Female Rising website!

Jo Conrad at Bewusst t.v. (Conscious T.V.) and myself did this interview earlier this year.! In both English and German – it was a pleasure to converse with Jo with such themes as personal and collective healing, our earth and the feminine and masculine principals. Enjoy!

Bewusst T.V. has many great interviews with a wealth of interesting and enriching persons. Check out more here:



Autumn Equinox Ceremony 21.9.2014

Equinox Ceremony: Flowing with the shift of season & Celebrating the Expanded Self! with MIRAMICHELLE

DSC05105 2

Ancient Redwood Forest, California

The Autumn Equinox is the Official Shift of the season from Summer into Autumn. We come together to empower our spirits and to prepare for the dark months ahead!

Please bring: Harvest Earth offering, an item symbolic of change & food to share.

Location: Devah Yoga Center: Oben: 77 Bleicherstr. 7pm(19.00) (no registration required)

Global Meditation For Peace 8.8.14!

A global Meditation For Peace 8.8.14Europe Time 18.00Uhr


Sacred Female Rising invites you to join us in the Worldwide Meditation on 8. August 2014. In Harz and in Hamburg. Mission: To come together to join the resonance for peace!

Hamburg: 8.8.14/17:30Uhr. Ab 17.30 Ankommen – um 18h startet die Meditation. Ort: Neuer Pferdemarkt, beim Grünen Jäger, auf der offenen Grünfläche.. Bitte bring etwas zum drauf sitzen mit!!  Meditation: Christine Sandesh from vivalavidayoga. (For more about Christine please go to the about us page!)

Harz: 8.8.14/17:30Uhr.  Ab 17.30 Ankommen – um 18h startet die Meditation. Ort: Bad Gandersheim, “Wiese beim Eiscafé da Mucilli, Hildesheimer Straße 1b, Bad Gandersheim. Meditation by; MiraMichelle, Silvia Ehrhardt and Govinda.

The Meditation Includes: Feeling = being present,  Breath = being grounded, Direct = asking for peace in the self and the world, Thanking = for a greater peace to prevail!

We invite you to go to the website above and sign in! This Global Meditation is working with the Guiness book of World records to show just how many people are showing up for this world wide event!!

New Moon in Gemini – 28.5.2014

Into the dreamy world of our Hearts!


Photo by Anne Oschatz

 Taking the journey of the heart is easy – we must only begin… again and again and again until it becomes so much a part of our waking dream that we need dream it no longer.

May 28: New Moon is Wednesday, May 28 at 12:43 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) This is one of those days that experiencing the void may be possible depending on where you are in your integration and assimilation process. How this New Moon is for you will also depend on what big changes or energy downloads you happen to be processing. This is a day for quiet contemplation and taking a break from anything that is too demanding, energetic or stressful. A focus on beauty is always helpful and appreciating everything you have with gratitude is always a good practice. Lena Stevens

Please Bring: Food to share and a favorite quote or poem.

Where: Devah Earth 77 Bleicherstr. 19.00-22.00Uhr. Self & Creative Investment=20€.  For more information pls. Go to:www.sacredfemalerising.com


Fullmoon in Scorpio – 14.05.2014 -

Water – Earth – Emotion – Manifest = Beauty!


We invite you to beauty! To explore inner and outer beauty – the expression of the Woman’s Temple reborn in all of us!

Please Bring: A beautiful fabric or cloth, a musical instrument or your favorite song on CD, loving food to share and dress in what feels beautiful for you!

Where: Devah Earth 77 Bleicherstr. 19.00-22.00Uhr. Self & Creative Investment=20€

New Moon in Taurus – 29 April 2014

Ceremony of Abundance, Evolution and Gratitude!


- Questions: What brings you a feeling of personal fulfillment and abundance? How do you live this? What does money mean to you in your world?                                                         - We investigate the themes of having-ness, abundance and gratitude.                                - We will work to expand our consciousness of what personal success means to us and how to live it in today’s world!

Please Bring: A Symbol of Abundance for you, a monetary note; 5, 10, 20 or 50! (The money will be used during the ceremony and you will receive it back), food to share!

Where: Devah Earth, Bleicherstr. 77, When: 7 – 10 pm, Self & Creative Investment: 20€


New Moon in Aries – March 30 & 31.2014 -

Cleansing and Radiating Forward with Fire!


Clarity with your present direction in life!                                                                   Question: Where are you coming from and what are you moving towards?

Patience and Endurance and Courage towards your life truth!

Ort: Heilort am Fluss . Fischerstraßer 13. 30167 Hannover. 30.3.14// 6 – 9pm// Register: Valeska Jokobwicz/ info@valeska-jakobowicz.de/0174 2685339

Ort: SFR ‘The Space’ . Budapesterstr. 51. 20359 Hamburg. 31.3.14// 7 – 10pm// No registration required.


Sacred Female Rising Workshop – Hannover 29.3.14

Sacred Female Rising Workshop                       Hannover 29.3.14

The Sacred Female is Rising again on our planet! What is the Sacred Female? Who is She? What does she represent?


                   The Sacred Female Workshop offers:

°Heal your body/spirit – Consciousness is the Healer. The Shaman’s sight and the Quantum field and ceremony. Life tools for the way of the Modern Woman to the Future Woman!

°A Power Point Presentation unveils the Independent women of the Paleolithic era – giving a fresh new perspective of womanhood!

°Examination of our own consciousness as we explore the ’7′ Living Archetypes of women, thusly bringing our power and intention into greater clarity.

      For more details please go to the Workshop page!  


Full Moon in Virgo – March 16th 2014               Earth & Water: Virgo & Pisces do their Magic!


Ceremony of Synthesis! Emotion & Spirit. Body & Mind! Astrology:This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between work and service, practicality and impracticality, criticism and acceptance. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives. However, these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. It’s time to express our selves, and to let things out of our systems.                                                                                                             Sunday 16th at 7.30pm/Sonntag 16. 19.30Uhr                 Please bring: Food to share & SPRING Offering!Where: Devah Earth – 77 Bleicherstr.  7.30 to 10pm(19.30 – 22.00)Creative investment=20



SFR ‘The Space’ Schedule of Events! March 2014

Welcome to ‚The Space’s’ 1st NEWSLETTER! ‚The Space’ offers us women a place to Gather, to Grow and to Empower our lives!!

Ongoing:                     What is offered                                           Facilitators 

Mon Nights:            Songs of the Sacred Feminine                    w/Maren Hoff

8 to 9.30pm                maren_hoff@yahoo.de                                 017662128693

Tues Morns:            SFR Yoga Moves                                      w/Christine Sandesh

8.45 to 10.15am            sandeshchristine@yahoo.com                  015120922907

Tues Nights:            Meditation in the Circle of life                    w/SFR Staff

19-21Uhr                        info@sacredfemalerising.com             office: 040 673 87893

Coming in:                      What is offered                                           Facilitators 

Sun 18th:                        Korper Kelch – Womb Work                        w/Hille Quelle

6 to 9pm                        info@hillequelle.de                                     015771356668

By Appt.                        Sacred Card Readings                                w/ Palesa

                                     palesa@mopalami@gmx.de                           017648780610

                         Do You have an Offer to Present at Sfr ,The Space’?

Sessions                           What is offered                                          Facilitators 

By Appt:                        Quantum Shamanic Healing                        w/MiraMichelle

                                    info@sacredfemalerising.com                         01515 000 8342

By Appt:                        Massage                                                      w/Chris Sandesh


Session space is NOW available at ‚The Space’

Dearest Sisters, there are 3 of us women who are full time in this project and we welcome others who wish to come abroad! At the moment as we are working to get this space up and running so we are in need of your support! Ask us!

SFR office hours: 040 673 878 93. Tues & Thurs 2 to 4pm.

Women working for other women and the world!

_MG_3651a2013-07-06 16.48.17_MG_1036a

Budapesterstr. 51. Ring at the Chakras. For inquiries about session space or room rental please contact: Christine Sandesh: vivalavidayoga@web.de Or Izy at info@sacredfemalerising.com


Water Ceremony in Pisces!

Celebration of cleansing and integrating the energies of the dark months into the emerging light. Empowerment ritual!  Foto

Brings: A material symbol for cleansing. Blessed water. Food to share!  Where: Uma House, Los Angeles, Ca. Register: Kate Uma Thorson: omkate22@gmail.com 6 to 9pm. Creative investment=20$  


The Fierce & The Surrendered Feminine

‚Knowing when to be fierce and when to Surrender’

Life Tools for the Future Woman!


Who and what is the future woman? What does she have to show us about life? How can the embodiment of her attributes support and enrich our world?


March 2. 2014. 11am to 7pm

Los Angeles: ‚The Uma House’. Studio City. Creative Investment = 90$ to 125$ inclds lunch. Registration: Kate Uma Thorson: omkate22@gmail.com For more info. go to the
project page.

Valentines Full Moon & One Billion Rising


Full moon in Leo Ceremony!  The full moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day is dramatically energetic! Fire ceremony of light and of the love in your heart!!  Please bring any material shaped like a heart and a candle!Where: Devah Earth – 77 Bleicherstr.  19-22Uhr./Creative investment=20

               One Billion Rising Dance! Sisters, Let’s simply give 2 hours of our time in support of eliminating violence against women and girls. Join us in sisterhood and solidarity just as we were helped by our ancestors, ‘the Suffragettes’, to bring the vote and other rights that we now live with daily!!  Only now instead of being arrested or beaten we get to DANCE! TANZTREFFPUNKT HAMBURG 14.02.14 16.30 – 17.30 UHR HANSAPLATZ 20099 HAMBURG    We have the idea to dance with love as the Goddess. So please bring colorful scarves (shawls) coats, clothes etc.

Wir treffen uns am 13.02.14 jeweils um 20 Uhr zu einem Tanztraining in Billies Tanzstudio! Romana Choreografie vom letzten Jahr wieder einüben. Billie’s Tanzstudio, Stresemannstraße 374, 22761  Hamburg!



Sacred Female Rising Works at ‘The Space’!

The feminine art of Yoga! With Christine Sandesh

The Sacred Female Rising Yoga Moves is a special body work that enhances and energizes the female body to bring deep inner contact, appreciation and empowerment to the body-mind system. Every month there is a new theme, or, area of the body-mind that is focused upon. This work is facilitated within the deeper mysteries of the feminine spirit and is applied with focus and fun!

2013-07-06 16.48.17Christine Sandesh: Kundalini Yoga und Körpertherapeutin (Boyesen) Das Erforschen und Verwandeln von Mustern und Gewohnheiten in Körper und Geist ist, das Wieder-entdecken von Talenten und Begabungen, das Anbinden an die Liebe… das ist mein weg.

Every Tuesday. 8.45 – 10.15am. SFR “The Space”. Budapesterstr. 51.  Anmeldung: Christine Sandesh at vivalavidayoga@web.de or info@sacredfemalerising.com.

Sacred Female Rising Sings! With Maren Hoff

Spirit Songs of the Divine Feminine Principal                                                                         „Give voice to your heart!“

_MG_9695a copy

~Body and breath work. Singing from the heart with good energy and feeling.

~Connect and sing from the healing source of the divine Feminine Principal.

Brings: Water, tea provided, your favorite female spirit song. Investment: 60€, 6 weeks and 6 songs. Or 10€ per session.

Anmeldung: Maren Hoff: 017662128693/ maren_hoff@yahoo.de //Jeden Montag 20.00 to 22.00Uhr. SFR ‘The Space’ Budapester 51. Starts on Feb 10th!

Medicine Woman Training 2014 Talks

Hamburg – To be Announced                                                                                            What is a Medicine Woman?


Are you ready to meet the Medicine Woman in You?

We investigate these two basic questions and….                                                         Talking Circle                                                                                                                        Information about the 2014 Training                                                                                      Question & Answer round                                                                                                     MWT 2013 Slide Show                                                                                                         Meet some of the sisters from MWT 2013
(For more information please go to the Project page)